Thursday, February 19, 2015

HOKULOA RISING is a refrain you'll hear often on our beach.  Before practice, after practice - on race days and on rest days.

Depending on which resource you check, in the Hawaiian language Hokuloa means Venus or Big Star.  The phrase 'Hokuloa Rising' then is a reference to Venus, the morning star seen rising to its place in the heavens.

Much like the Hawaiian Big Star, our club Hokuloa is rising to fulfill its mission, promoting the sport of outrigger canoe paddling while at the same time connecting with our community as stewards of the ocean we love!

Not only are we rising as emissaries of the sport, we are rising as a competitive force in the larger SCORA community.  Hokuloa has a solid pedigree, consistently medaling not only in Iron races, but also Sprint and 9-man races.  In fact, one of our proudest moments was the First Place finish for our Men's  and Women's Bradley crews in the 2014 USA Championship Catalina Crossing!

Now you know why we say HOKULOA RISING!

So, Welcome! to Hokuloa Outrigger Canoe Club and to the sport of outrigger canoe paddling.  We encourage you to train hard, to race hard,  but perhaps more importantly we encourage you to find the rising star within.  We are a family and like all good families we support and encourage each other to excel; to shine bright.

Share your passion for outrigger canoe paddling with your friends and family and remember that each of us is only as successful as all of us.